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Delay and Disruption

Date: Wednesday, 28 Sep 2016, 18:30 - 21:00 Location: The Holiday Inn - Maidenhead, Manor Lane, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 2RA Member cost: £0.00 (including VAT) Non-member cost: £0.00 (including VAT)

Delay and Disruption

Protocol, Procedure and Expert Evidence

A seminar by

Andrew Burr

 Barrister, Arbitrator and Mediator


Topics to be covered include:

·         Apportionment, concurrency and progress against the contract programme

·         Time at large and the prevention principle

·         Notice as a condition precedent

·         The valuation of damages for prolongation

·         The valuation of damages for EoT

·         Expert Evidence

·         Material breach: programming

·         Obligation to proceed regularly and diligently

·         Notices

Andrew has now joined ArbDB from Atkin Chambers, where he was in practice from 1983 until this year.  Andrew has extremely broad experience in construction, technology and related matters, both in the United Kingdom and internationally and is also an affiliated foreign lawyer with Varul (Vilnius, Lithuania) focusing on international dispute avoidance and resolution.

Andrew has recently had published the fifth edition of Delay and Disruption in Construction Contracts and other publications whilst also pursuing educational projects.